Corporate Governance

Integrity – Transparency – Efficiency

Integrity. Transparency. Efficiency. Adherence to the legal and regulatory framework. These are the necessary conditions that enable QQuant Master Servicer S.A. (‘Quant’) to meet the expectation of its shareholders, its associates and its clients. To secure them, we apply a strict corporate governance framework that covers all stages of our operations.

Regulatory Framework

The management of non-performing loans that have been granted by a bank or other financial institution to an individual or an enterprise in Greece is governed by a strict regulatory framework that is defined by Greek state legislation and Bank of Greece regulations.

Specifically, the Bank of Greece issued a Code of Conduct for the management of loans in arrears in accordance to Greek law 4224/2013 with effect as at 31 December 2014. The Bank of Greece Credit and Insurance Committee issued a revised Code of Conduct in August 2016 (195/1/29.07.2016, Government Gazette Β’ 2376)  currently in effect.

The Code of Conduct was developed in line with international best practice and describes the steps to be followed by borrowers in arrears, lending institutions and servicers and the information to be exchanged between them, with the ultimate goal of working out the best solution following case-by-case assessment.

Read more about the Code of Conduct and its application in the management of individual and corporate loans in arrears.

Independent Governance

We comply with all legislative provisions and regulatory requirements and adopt international best practice in corporate governance that fosters the efficient and fair management of loans in arrears. Quant is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Greece, and has established independent control functions that directly report to the Board of Directors.

Governance Bodies