Institutional Services

End2End Offering– Experienced Team– Advanced Technology

QQuant Master Servicer Servicing of Loans and Credits Single Member S.A. offers efficient end2end debt management services to Greek banks, financial institutions and debt investors, covering the whole spectrum of non-performing asset classes (Retail, SMEs, Corporate, Leasing and REO) across Greece.

The team of Quant professionals draws on its rich experience in Greek retail and wholesale NPL management and employs cutting-edge financial technology, tested in Greek market realities, to design and apply debt management strategies covering all asset classes. We deliver innovative, flexible, socially-responsible and results-oriented solutions to address non-performing loans. Quant’s tested network of selected best-in- class debt collection agencies and legal offices ensures optimum implementation.

Quant services cover all stages of debt management, from portfolio due diligence and strategy design to internal portfolio operations and third parties’ management.


  • Overall portfolio analysis (legal and real estate due diligence)
  • Investment profitability analysis (Business Plan)
  • Database analysis
  • Portfolio segmentation/ stratification
  • Valuation of collaterals & guarantees
  • Pricing
  • Database upload
  • Data check, enrichment and integration
  • Portfolio stratification
  • Strategy definition & formulation
  • Foreclosures, Bankruptcies & Extra-Judicial arrangement
  • Business Plan & IRR analysis
  • Portfolio strategy and treatment priorities
  • Restructurings & Collateral management
  • Network & performance management
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Collections monitoring & performance assessment
  • Reporting

Judicial and Extra-Judicial recovery of unsecured and secured non-performing loans.

  • Portfolio segmentation & Strategy formulation
  • Monitoring of trigger events
  • Accounts management
  • Quarterly Cash Flow Statements and annual Financial Statement drafting
  • Reporting and compliance with Supervisory Authorities
  • Tax management
  • Network Management
  • Collateral review and assessment
  • Physical file review
  • Drive-by and desktop collateral valuation
  • Strategy and Business Plan formulation
  • Debt asset swaps
  • Commercialization of real estate assets
  • Asset management
  • Auction strategy
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Transaction structuring
  • Portfolio underwriting
  • Regulatory compliance

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