Together, we settle every exposure

We are here to assist with your business's financial difficulties, plain and simple. We do so by creating unique solutions tailored to your financial circumstances while ensuring fairness and transparency.

To evaluate each case, we consider financial viability, relying on the following criteria:

  • Your business' financial state
  • Future cash flow projections
  • Industry-specific characteristics
  • General economic conditions
  • Relevant qualitative factors (such as guarantors' financial status and assets)

We aim to find ways to help businesses recover in mutually beneficial ways. Thus, we offer solutions such as:

  • Final loan settlement through Discounted Pay-off (DPO)
  • Short-term restructuring that lasts up to 2 years
  • Long-term restructuring ranging from 2 to 10 years
  • Consensual sale of collaterals with trusted partners
  • Debt restructuring based on beneficial clauses within the current legal framework (e.g., provisions like 106β, 106βδ, Ν4738/2020 clauses, etc.)

Contact us today to find a solution that meets your business’s needs.