Tailored & viable solutions

Services for borrowers
Loan settlements and arrangements

We can evaluate your capacity to repay your loan obligations and thus agree on one or more ways to facilitate repayment:

  • Term extension arrangements for the instalment to be consistent with your capacity to repay
  • Interest rate reduction arrangements to create a viable instalment
  • Debt reduction: Part of your arrears is written off upon conclusion of the agreed payments
  • Low start arrangements: The instalment increases progressively and by your capacities
  • Interest-free or a low-interest debt arrangement: An interest-free or a low-interest arrangement is agreed upon on a short- or medium-term basis
  • Arrangement with debt relief: Your debt is reduced to viable levels
  • Final settlement: If you are facing financial hardships, you can settle your loan obligation as long as you can afford a one-off repayment of part of your loan
  • Voluntary sale of property: Repay your loan with the amount received after selling the property. Any outstanding amount after the sale can be waived partially or fully.
  • Voluntary transfer of property: Provided that the property meets specific criteria and is eligible to be transferred to the bank, the loan is repaid upon completion of the transfer. Any outstanding amount after the sale can be waived partially or fully.
  • Arrangement with assistance in selling your property: Our specialised partners can help you find a buyer for your real estate property at a pre-agreed price.