Assignment of the loan obligations’ management of the company "ANONYMOUS SHIPPING COMPANY OF CRETE S.A." ("ANEK") by the joint stock company "ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A." (Attica Group) to Quant

The foreign companies under the corporate names of (a) "Cross Ocean AGG Company I" which is based in Luxembourg, and (b) "LOUSIOS LIMITED" which is based in London, have jointly sold and transferred, in accordance to the provisions of Article 3 of Law No. 4354/2015 (as amended), their claims deriving from the loan obligations of the company under the corporate name " Anonymous Shipping Company of Crete S.A." ("ANEK") to the joint stock company under the corporate name "ATTICA Holdings S.A." (Attica Group), having its registered office in Kallithea, Attica, Greece. It should be noted that Attica Group absorbed ANEK further to special resolutions of the involved companies’ general meetings. In this context, Attica Group undertook ANEK bank liabilities against previous loans.

A summary of the relevant transfer agreement has been registered with the Land Registry of Athens. As a result, Attica Group has become the new beneficiary of all types of claims arising from the above transaction.

Along with the acquisition of the above-mentioned receivables, Attica Group has further assigned the management of said receivables to the company under the corporate name "QQUANT MASTER SERVICER SINGLE COMPANY FOR LOAN AND CREDIT CLAIMS MANAGEMENT " as per provisions of the relevant agreement dated on November 24th, 2023. Also, and through this transaction, "QQUANT MASTER SERVICER SINGLE COMPANY FOR LOAN AND CREDIT CLAIMS MANAGEMENT " has successfully undertaken the management of a new set of receivables which are traded on the secondary market.