Increase in Share Capital of €4.3 million

The increase in the share capital of "QQuant Master Servicer" ('Quant') has been completed, amounting to €4.3 million, as decided in the General Meeting of its shareholders on November 30, 2020. The increase in share capital fully covers the company's financial needs for implementing its three-year development plan.

Quant is the largest independent servicer in the Greek market. The company's objective in the coming years is to strengthen its operations in Greece, particularly in managing non-performing loans. Additionally, it seeks significant portfolio assignments in the Cypriot market. Quant's services to domestic and international investors cover the full spectrum of debt portfolio management tasks. It provides innovative, flexible, and effective solutions for addressing defaults, leveraging cutting-edge technology within the Group.

The company's activities encompass managing various types of debt, including consumer and housing loans, maritime loans, loans for small, medium, and large enterprises, and leasing. Managing "Non-Performing Loans" in our country aims to rehabilitate and restart the Greek economy. Specifically, by restructuring small, medium, and large loans, significant capital is released and channelled into the economy to achieve higher growth rates. The company aims to restore creditworthiness for businesses and households fairly and socially responsibly.

Quant is the first Greek company to obtain international servicer certification from Fitch Ratings, with a rating of 2-, which represents the second-highest level on the scale. Its services to banks and international investors encompass the full range of debt portfolio management tasks, utilising cutting-edge technology and providing innovative, flexible, and effective solutions for addressing defaults fairly and socially responsibly.

Quant was founded in July 2017 and is a member of the Qualco Group. The group employs 500 people and operates in 30 countries, implementing technological solutions in debt management and credit risk reduction.